25 thoughts on “K-Style #17 – Online Shopping in Korea

  1. belyello says:

    If you want to know some good korean online shop, advice you to visit
    facebook page : “korean skirt 4 me” . Many Links for k-online shop
    available there :)

  2. gotcaffeine1617 says:

    I don’t know why but this seems so fake to me. I love the show
    but…..Sometimes it kind of feels awkward . Sorry if I offended anyone
    this is just what I think.

  3. ForeverYours852 says:

    I’m studying abroad in Korea in August. I love Korean fashion and I’m
    really excited about shopping, but I’m afraid I won’t fit in anything. My
    stomach is flat and I’m pretty small, but I have a lot of curves (I’m
    Mexican so my body type is pretty different from Korean body types). I hope
    I’m able to get some clothes while I’m there.

  4. Crystal Estrada says:

    can anyone please tell me what are the websites they used? or of any good
    affordable k shopping sites/onlinestores ? >.<

  5. montanahh100 says:

    Banggood is a really nice affordable place, just check out their clothes
    section, also FREE SHIPPING ;)

  6. Nena . says:

    I really really love the two of u!! I suggest to do ur own channel in
    YouTube like ur OWN which is not related to the Kpop stars!!

  7. LadyOrchidity Heartily says:

    I Love Love Korean Fashion Clothes, but it’s so Hard to find the outfits to
    fit you, when they are SO SMALL!!! Can’t fit on to anything!!! sucks!! For
    me it’s hard when you have ALL your Fat are hanging out!!, for me, i’m like
    an plus size Asian girl, Large or XL..

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