25 thoughts on “JUNE FAVOURITES! (health & natural products)

  1. Lalala Loola says:

    Love love love your videos! Where are you from, you have a neat accent? I’m
    16 and would love to major in Holistic Health :)

  2. ArkadiaMK says:

    Hi:) You’re so cool, I’m sad I don’t know people like that in a real life
    :P Could you tell us what do you do in life? Are you studying?

  3. Kaleigh Youngstrom says:

    Could you do a video on your favorite plants? Like your herbs and flowers
    that you have around your home? Also could you do a video on how you care
    for them? :) 

  4. Sarah Newton says:

    Just been going through old videos on a nostalgic whim… What top are you
    rocking in this vid Sarah?
    Lots of love xxx

  5. AMATERRA-SU says:

    Oké, I was litterly lost in your BEAUTIFUL eyes, couldn’t pay attention to
    what you were saying :| I have to watch the video again… :)

  6. Joseph Mathew says:

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