25 thoughts on “Jake and Amir: Online Shopping

  1. Tyler, TheCreator says:

    It’s amazing to see inbetween the okay and downright shitty ad videos
    coming from Collegehumor that Jake and Amir is still funny. While not as
    good as they used to be, They still make me laugh.

  2. Jorge Allthedrums says:

    Can whale poop float? If so, it’s pretty fucking dangerous. I mean, the
    deeper from where you release a floating object the faster it will ascend
    (pretty much like it happens with gravity) so imagine a massive whale turd
    being launched like a nuclear warhead from hundreds of meters deep in the
    ocean and crashing against an unfortunate fishing ship on surface, causing
    a grand brown blurry of death.

  3. Fake Will Smith says:

    I wish there was a way to unsub from all this unfunny jake and amir
    bullshit but still have the funny skits from college humour. fuck jake &

  4. Majid S. says:

    damn. i used to watch these alllll the time back in high school. glad to
    see they’re still goin and getting the views

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