25 thoughts on “How To: Luminizing Makeup Look With Natural Products

  1. Joanna DeRosa says:

    Love this! The Instagram contest brought me here. I’m allergic to A LOT of
    make up and all natural products are pretty much all I use. Can’t wait to
    try this brand!

  2. Mandy Burke says:

    Instagram contest brought me to this tutorial! It looks amazing!! I have
    been researching new make up and I think W3ll people might be a front
    runner!! Looks beautiful Deepica!

  3. Katie Jarvis says:

    Love this look and I love experimenting with new products, instagram
    brought me to this video and if I won I would share with my friend Casey! 

  4. like.mother.like.daughter says:

    Directed here from Instagram contest and I am dying to try the bio
    brightening stick. Especially after seeing it in many BB Unboxing videos.
    I’m also intimidated by mineral shadows but I love the tip of using the bio
    brightening stick with it!

  5. Teresa Lopez says:

    this tutorial is beautiful!! hopefully I win this contest, im in grave need
    of a fresh new look! @izabela_myluv

  6. Beauty & All That says:

    Had the opportunity to get my makeup done by Shirley at an w3ll event
    recently in LA..she’s amazing!! Love the tip in using the bio brightening
    stick and dipping the eye shadow together.. Awesome! Hope to add more w3ll
    people products to my current collection!

  7. Alexandra Almeter says:

    Saw this video as part of the Instagram contest and wanted to let +Mackenzie
    Thomas know of this all natural make up brand!/ 

  8. Brittany Stetson says:

    Directed here through @birchbox….I would love to try your products out
    since I have sensitive skin and always look for new natural products to
    try. @reimannc would absolutely love it too!!!!

  9. Michelle Roberts says:

    I love foundation stick and would love one that is Eco-friendly. I have
    also broken every powder blush compact I’ve ever owned so a cream may be
    the way to go! 

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