25 thoughts on “How to help grow natural hair faster- tips and products!!!

  1. Ajoeanna Brown says:

    look ur too cute hold on … imma go grab a bag …. jump because im taking
    you with me n carry ur products too :D

  2. prncessj04 says:

    Anneka, thank you for always being honest and forthcoming. You have, by
    far, the best videos out here. You make it fun to do what’s best for your
    hair and as one who is just getting into the game, I appreciate that! I
    haven’t viewed your makeup videos yet, but I intend to. I just followed
    you on instagram. I’ll be checking them out soon. Thanks again for doing a
    wonderful job!

  3. Fantastic Hair Style says:

    I love your energy when you talk about hair lol, love watching your videos
    keep it going thanks. You can stop by my channels say hi.

  4. Brandon Vanzandt says:

    Hi my name is Crystalina, I was watching your vedio on how to make your
    hair long. Question, Where can i get these items to start growing my hair

  5. Laura Cothias says:

    Hey my name is Laura and I have been having some trouble with my hair Iv
    been using coconut oil and I’m a black female and my hair can’t seem to
    grow I have no idea what to do anymore. :)

  6. samuel simms says:

    Omg I loved listening/watching you talk sweetheart, you are BEAUTIFUL
    inside and out, I just wanna kiss them lips lol, I’m not a creep or
    nothing, I’m a normal guy I just think you are beautiful, that’s all.

  7. Brittney Atkins says:

    I plan to use these products to help my 4 year daughter hair grow she is
    completely natural I’ve never when blow dryed her hair how often do I need
    to deep condition and the some cider cleanse also would that soap be safe
    for her hair also how often do I need to moisturize her hair it always
    seems so dry she has naturally coiled hair 

  8. Namakando Mwangala says:

    Hey, My daughter’s hair does not seem to grow. I do use all your products
    for deep conditioning and hot oil treatment. What do i do to help her?

  9. Romario Accime says:

    Hi love the video however how do you use the products? Are you suppose to
    mix them all together? Help please!! 

  10. Nadia Ismael says:

    i am really moved by your video and will definitely try out the products
    you mentioned. I don’t really have a problem with my hair thickness, just
    that its taking a little longer than i expected for it to grow. Its been 2
    years and a few months since i cut my hair flat and removed the relaxer and
    its reaching on my back now , Yayyy!!!!! All i used was baby petroleum
    jelly(which you can get at walmart for $2.97,its the one with the pink
    label) as my oil for my hair on a regular basis but when i do wash my hair
    and dry it off with my towel, i use a mixture i made using cayenne pepper,
    olive oil and mixed it with half of the jelly(or whatever amount you
    desire) in a separate container to grease my scalp,should not be too
    runny. Trust me it really leaves your scalp feeling refreshed,and you will
    feel the burning sensation on your scalp which is done by the cayenne
    pepper, it opens up your pores so that the olive oil and jelly can do their
    job.Hopefully i was of help to someone today :).

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