25 thoughts on “Homemade Natural Beauty ‘Essentials’

  1. fairygreen18 says:

    I have never waited so impatiently for videos like i do for yours. They are
    nice useful entertaining and easy to put on practice you are one of my
    favorite youtubers! 

  2. lexie martinez says:

    I love your videos so much like everyday I’ll watch some of your old videos
    and wait for new ones because your videos are so entertaining and helpful
    and this ones so cool I could use it for school

  3. Ferny Carrasco says:

    I loved the video, but my native language is not english, so coukd anybody
    list me the ingredients please, thanks:)

  4. misty girl says:

    This is weird I was reading the description and it said where do u live and
    then new Zealand which is funny because I have a new Zealand passport 

  5. Jill Vora says:

    In my family we actually eat fennel seeds after every meal. Its a great way
    to remove food smell. Oh, and you can cover your fennel seeds with one drop
    of mint oil. It gives a nice flavor to it. 

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