1. remmary100 says:

    Damian, you are sooo very talented. In addition to being a master loctition
    – you are crazy funny. I’ve watched some of your videos over and over
    because they are so entertaining. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jasmine Dolcine says:

    I’m in cosmetology school and we just learned about all this skin disorders
    and diseases, hair and scalp, shampoo ingredients etc etc so I can say that
    everything your talking about is true! it reminded me of what my teacher
    said about reading the ingredients of products and not just the pretty
    label! it’s important for hair stylists to inform clients and I’ve watched
    soo many of your videos and i appreciate how you inform clients about the
    health of the hair and post videos like this!

  3. OroraMonroe says:

    Damian, do you know if Design essentials changed their product line for
    only the public or did they totally discontinue the organic deep cleanse
    shampoo. I am hooked on it like crack upon your recommendation 3 years ago
    and now it’s no longer being sold on their website. Help! Is there an
    alternative or are we just screwed from now on?

  4. IsisKeys Jiggetts says:

    Would u reccomend 2 strand twist to start locs? Thank you and your videos
    are very informative!!

  5. Studio Faces says:

    **warning**Buyer beware. This guy has 90% horrific reviews on Yelp. They
    are mainly time management reviews. Looks like he’s unable to take
    responsibility and not able to schedule properly. Just a warning.

  6. Denise Monsanto says:

    Hello Damian

    Where in Atlanta is you’re shop so I can get your product, because my hair
    is thinning on top and the side I had my love for sixteen yrs. 

  7. copeart_ says:

    Because of this video right here I dont have to look any further. You are
    much MUCH appreciated thank you for your generous advice!

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