23 thoughts on “Haul|Natural Hair Products

  1. MahoganyCurls says:

    Hey guys! I am here with my first haul video! I am so excited to share what
    I purchased with you all! Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Do
    you like them? Yay or nay? Remember to expand the detail box under this
    video for more information regarding the products! Thank you for watching!
    XO -Jess

  2. Braelynn Blue says:

    Wow your first haul video! Great selection of products. I smell any and
    everything that goes on my body/hair.

  3. lisa sterling says:

    WOW this was perfect! you did a great job on your 1st haul video! i hope
    you’re feeling well you look fabulous and i love your set! be well

  4. mobunche says:

    Great video as usual. I’d love to see your thoughts on Giovanni direct
    leave in and Back to Basics Pomegranate Moisture Conditioner. I love them.
    I also love Bed Head Moisture Maniac conditioner. They all have great slip
    and moisturizing properties but don’t get much love on YouTube except
    Giovanni direct leave in which in many ways makes folks wonder if it’s all
    hype when compared to others. Since you’ve tried so many different types of
    brands it would be great to do a compare contrast type video between lines
    widely used and lesser known ones. What do you guys think? 

  5. tenekqua1 says:

    Great haul! And yes ma’am, I am that lady in the store that smells every
    hair product on the aisle LOL! Definitely do more videos like this and any
    and all reviews are welcome!! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Lovely Dove says:

    Thank you so much, I am glade, I subcribed to your channel, you help me out
    alot, yes i love shea moisture products, your back ground is gorgeous,
    thanks for sharing

  7. amaya4870 says:

    You will definitely love As I Am Double Butter. Keeps your hair
    moisturized, and soft the entire time in twist 

  8. Thacha C says:

    question ive been having problems with my ends, there are rough, and dry
    but i moisturize all the time i even do the “bagging technique” but nothing
    is happening, please help

  9. ItsKimberlyMeyon says:

    Loved the background!! And I have been eye balling the as I am moisturizer
    as well! I’m going to try it!

  10. Ashababy O says:

    Great video. Tfs. The SM Dandruff mask I have looks nothing like the
    Purification Mask., Smells totally different, and has a very different

  11. CrazycurlsXJ says:

    I think you would like Cantu products from their Natural hair line, it’s
    really good, affordable and it follows the CG method as well.

  12. Curls of Innocence says:

    Man, I’ve been wanting to try that Double Butter cream since forever… but
    my budget cannot allow me to LOL! That stuff is so expensive… it had
    better be worth the hype!

  13. LaEva Redditt says:

    I have been wanting to try the Devacurls line but now I’m going to wait
    because they are going to release a new line for kinkier hair later this
    month… Hopefully Ulta will have it because I hate paying for shipping

  14. Curls&Beauty says:

    I’ve tried the double butter n i hated it…it might be just me but its too
    drying to my hair n it smells like i had sweets on my head,,,u might like
    it though. .i just dont at all …:)

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