25 thoughts on “Hair Products I Use On Natural Hair – SimplYounique

  1. ultimategold31 says:

    Um sweedee3 you sound annoying.. Stop hating on her products in rotation.
    Key word rotation, just bc she featured them all doesn’t mean she uses them
    everytime she does her hair. I don’t like “naturals” like you. No one asked
    you to watch this video or asked for your negative comment. Ew. Anyways
    Kerry I love your videos this was so helpful, where do you get the zipporah
    products is it offline.?

  2. nanabugg22 says:

    I love ur hair. May u please tell me what is that background music ur
    playing? It sounds like an R. Kelly song. It made the video pop

  3. Claire Barrett-Coppin says:

    Do you have additional tips/ideas for different hair types? 2 Examples: My
    older girl has coarse, thick hair that shrinks to approx 2″ when wet; very
    resistant to flat iron or blow dry straightening but looks amazing; only
    lasts 1-2 dys & reverts back. My other girl has wavy fast growing hair
    (from Carib Indian heritage); less shrinkage. Hair length deceptive ’cause
    braids get shorter after a week. Straightens with gel and brush or dryer .
    Any ideas on hair care/styling?.

  4. Florence Acheampong says:

    Hi i would like to know if you wash mayonais leave in conditioner or you
    leave it till the next day. Kindly brief how you use that particular
    product please. And thanks for inspiring me to go natural and feel
    confidence. Iv probably watched this video over 100 times.
    <3<3<3…..continue to inspire

  5. dionne says:

    I am a huge Organic Root Stimulator user, especially the carrot cream. A
    friend let me use some of hers in boot camp and it prevents my shedding. 

  6. success2013 says:

    I have been watching all your videos and it’s inspiring. I am 1 yr natural.
    What was your day and night time routine when your hair was short? Apart
    from the kinky twist you did sometime ago, have you ever put artificial
    hair as a protective style while growing your hair? Please don’t get

  7. Memorialann says:

    In reference to the product, it what order do you use them? How to apply?
    Also, in your rotation do you use all the products each time?

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