16 thoughts on “Hair Care Routine | Natural & Organic Hair Products

  1. Julie Richards says:

    Okay so now i have to try the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal
    Protectant and the
    Infiniti Pro 3Q Brushless Motor Dryer i have thin hair with a oily scalp
    but dry ends gggrrrr… another great video Shannon!! 

  2. BlackBlood74 says:

    Great products. I will try these because I kill my hair & It’s getting
    ruined. Once I get my haircut, I’ll starr using there products!

  3. Marsha A. Branch says:

    Hi Shannon, you can order your Rahua from Amazon, Barneys and Dermstore,
    and shipping is free. No minimum purchase required. I just got my
    conditioner from Amazon for $24 and you can always find coupons for
    Dermstore. Also, once you purchase an item from them and you review it,
    you get a 15 to 20% discount on every purchase of the same item after that.
    Or perhaps it’s 10 to 15%. The lower percentage for a written review and
    the higher percentage if you post a photo with your review.

  4. GirlyTipsEtc says:

    I can always count on your product recommendations and this video just gave
    me shopping list ideas for next time! I will look for the Acure products at
    Sprouts and will definitely be picking up that Alterna Heat Protectant. I
    have fine hair, sebhorreic dermatitis, hair loss from both the dermatitis
    and PCOS, color treated so my head is a mess but I am working on it! TFS
    Sis, love ya! XO, Gina

  5. Brittany Leigh says:

    Definitely want to try that alterna thermal protectant! And I think I’ll
    check out the rahua line. I always love seeing what products you are using

  6. Melissa Price says:

    Oh, my +Shannon Sullivan, I am so with you on the difficulty front of
    finding hair products. If you check out any of my videos (beauty or
    Vitacost Hauls), there is always a NEW shampoo/conditioner in the mix.
    Yep, can never find the best one for me. Lol!
    I think it’s even more of a challenge b/c we need gluten free ones at that
    and, I don’t know about you, but I find them so limited.

    I have fine hair, but ALOT of it. I found that the Argan oil in the Acure
    shampoo/conditions very heavy for my hair. I was also told by my stylist
    when I had blonde hair to be careful of Argan Oil b/c it has the same “make
    up” (carotenoids) in the plant that gives carrots their bright orange
    color and can start to build up on blonde hair and give it an almost orange
    tint too. Just a little heads up. ;)

    I’ve found good success with Alterna anti-frizz hair spray, it’s become my
    holy grail, but wishing I could find a mist spray to do away with the
    aerosol verison.
    I also just ordered 2 Drybar brand products from Sephora b/c I had a
    coupon…the Hot Toddy Heat Protector Frizz Fighter and the Mai Tai
    Spritzer Sea Salt Spray. Crossing fingers I like them both. :) I’ve heard
    great things about the Drybar brand.

    I might have to try the Acure leave in conditioner. It looks interesting
    and I just can’t get away from frizz. Make my hair curly when I lived
    (grew up in the South) and now in the cold dry Midwest, the frizz just gets
    all static-y. Ack! Girl hair challenges…is there ever a good day?

  7. Kristen Kay says:

    I really like alterna products :) thanks for sharing your routine & tools
    you use. The one love dry shampoo sounds really nice. I think the body oil
    smells divine :)

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