23 thoughts on “Gun Shopping: Online Vs. Local

  1. Gun Enthusiast says:

    Yeah your local gun stores are going to be over priced , it is a good idea
    like you stated to go in person and check out the gun out and even possibly
    go shoot it at a Range because you won’t be able to do that shopping online
    now you can get a better price online . You could check out the pistol at a
    local store have a feel for it , then buy it online you will definitely get
    a better price… another thing is gun shows have great prices aswell
    sometimes you can even negotiate prices ..

  2. lerch400block says:

    Man in San Antonio I’d say 70% of local mom and pops are overpriced. Lone
    star handgun and the powderhorn are good. Nagiels and Texas guns are ok.
    But my problem is the real small shops. Not because of prices its their
    attitude. Its like they’re doing you a favor. 

  3. Mario Mosin says:

    The problem with most gun stores is they don’t have what your looking for
    and not all gun stores have good customer service, people,who usually have
    bad experiences with local gun stores rather purchase online.

  4. NewMexicoShooter says:

    My No. 1 local shop has a great selection. I usually check out the gun at
    the store, handle it and get a feel for it. Then I will comparative shop
    on-line. As I don’t have a dealer license I have to pay a fee for
    delivering through the shop. Nice vid and thanks! NMS

  5. Michigan Arms says:

    Yeah, storefronts are going to be a little more expensive, they have
    overheads to pay for and then online stores can give u. Better price but
    like u said you have to factor in transfer fees and shipping.
    Usually the best prices are with small home based FFLs , no overhead to
    factor in and no transfer fees. They won’t always have the amount of stock
    that storefronts have but their pricing Is usually better.
    PS bro, this is not a sales pitch, lol

  6. spacebunz says:

    Agreed! Yes, it does seem that you can get better prices on line.
    Sometimes the price difference if $10-20 and sometimes it’s $100+.

  7. Hawaii Volcano Squad says:

    If we don’t support the local gun shops in Hawaii, we won’t have any local
    gun shops in Hawaii. Living on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific
    ocean does present limitations so I don’t mind being charged a slightly
    more to help keep the shop open. I do haggle sometimes…

  8. MattV2099: Guns & Food says:

    yeah man! I like to support local as much as possible. but sometimes they
    just can’t compete with crazy low online prices. I’ve only bought a few
    guns online and it’s usually stuff that cannot be found locally or prices
    that are too good to be true!

  9. Gun Slinger says:

    Great video topic JH6. I must admit im guilty. I tend to buy just about
    everything online. On average I typically save about 20-30% by purchasing
    online. 100 rounds of 9mm online runs me around $22. At Wal-Mart after tax
    im looking at $28. Gun prices in local shops here are outrageous. 499-550
    for Springfield XDs. ONLINE $399. M&P Shield $419 vs $340. I could go on
    and on. I just ordered a benchmade knife for $120. Same knife at Gander
    Mountain was $185. I cant be ballin on a budget shopping retail. Lol 

  10. m1shadow says:

    Im all for supporting local stores even if they are a little pricier as
    long as it’s not too overpriced, and for a few reasons.. 1, you can get a
    good feel for the firearm right there and know if you like it, 2, if you
    have a problem with it, it’s easier to go back to the local guy and get
    assistance with repair on it and they are more willing to help you if you
    purchased from them, 3, We have to keep the small businesses going..
    without them it will be a monopoly of big corporations who are into it only
    for the $ and not caring for their customers. Great video!!

  11. UziNineMillomeetah says:

    Great topic man. I try to support local shops as much as possible and it
    really has worked out. Having a good rapport with the owners and staff
    leads to deals and great service. I typically won’t buy a gun online
    because photos aren’t always accurate. 

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