GTA 5 Online Lui Calibre’s Solo Adventures #5 – Shopping and Killing Spree

25 thoughts on “GTA 5 Online Lui Calibre’s Solo Adventures #5 – Shopping and Killing Spree

  1. Lui Calibre says:

    Tell me what you want to see next. I want to read it. Laugh. Then, not do
    it. I love you. I missed you guys. >:)

  2. rudy trujillo says:

    Your fun if you have a ps4 can you add me my name is zombie_hunter055 so
    add me your fun and i want to you so add me 

  3. ShreddergamerGaming says:

    Those shark cards really help you out, meanwhile us legit players only have
    a couple million which isn’t a lot for the next DLC next week

  4. The GTA master says:

    Lui i don’t care how long u were gone for. I’ve been watching ur old vids
    while u we’re gone

  5. Lord SkyCake says:

    If you’re gonna bitch about players being toxic go into a closed session
    and stop being a cunt to your fans…

  6. VEXARI says:

    I guess Lui doesn’t need a Zombie DLC for GTA, he already have some of this
    brain dead fans following him around the map lol

  7. ScienceMoose says:

    Lui , you should record and just play like you normally do, no commentary
    or messages, just gameplay.

  8. callum lowe says:

    What do you mean “I wish he would get out of passive”? If he did get out of
    passive, you would just shoot him in the face or blow him up 

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