14 thoughts on “Got DANDRUFF? | Just Natural Products for Natural Hair

  1. The KG Lifestyle says:

    ::NEW VIDEO:: Check out the products that are helping me rid of product
    build-up and dandruff NATURALLY! @JustNatural1

  2. Animated Moi says:

    Yessss!!! Have to check out just natural. How do you like the iherb site
    compared to this one?
    Your hair looks AMAZING!

  3. MLW0 says:

    can’t wait to try these products, I’ve been trying to find something to use
    because I’m dealing with a flakey scalp as well

  4. Nita Prettynpink says:

    Nice video, I used to have bad dandruff until I stopped putting products
    directly on my scalp (ex. Oils, grease, conditioner). Now that I dont do
    this anymore, my dandruff is gone! 

  5. Nadia KinkyWithIt says:

    I have to get my hands on those products! The struggle is real, I have
    suffering with this problem almost all my life. I have found some problems
    that helped but that give a lasting impression for a whole week 

  6. Mattie Smith says:

    My daughter always had dandruff no matter what but when we switched her to
    all natural products she never had it again. We co-wash and use a
    clarifying shampoo once a month. Remember if it says natural, it’s not most
    of the time. Read the label and water should always be the first

  7. Su Moses says:

    have u ever tried apple cider vinegar on your scalp for more help with the
    dandruff? I had bad dandruff and I used vinegar and water on my scalp and
    left it for about an hour and that helped alot.

  8. DeniseQuiana says:

    I always struggled with dandruff but last year it got really bad … I went
    to the dermatologist … turned out I had psoriasis … the doc suggested I
    was my hair everyday… im like oh heck no im black!!! that aint bout to
    happen..lol… but after I saw that my problem was only getting worse I
    went ahead and started washing my scalp every other day and it has helped
    tremendously… I no longer have the scabs or dandruff … I cant now go up
    to a week without experiencing any itching or irritation… he told me to
    follow my regular hair care routine except for shampooing… he said to use
    my regular shampoo, then T-gel, then regular again…

  9. Shaune Arnold says:

    I can get horrible dandruff, right around my edges. I notice that using
    aloe vera juice after water daily followed by an oil/water spritz and then
    shea butter has ELIMINATED my dandruff. I haven’t even thought about it in
    about 6 months. No flakes anywhere.

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