25 thoughts on “Google Analytics In Real Life – Online Checkout

  1. Alex Whalley says:

    Brilliant look at how online shopping experiences can be and WHY you need
    to optimise the experience for your visitors.
    #CRO #ConversionRateOptimization #increaseCTR
    Thanks #GoogleAnalytics 

  2. Productsurf- Website Development Company In Dubai,Ecommerce,Internet Marketing,Website Designing,UAE says:

    Online Shopping with Google…

    #ecommerce #websitedesign #websitedevelopment 

  3. Gloc Media says:

    What about if real life shopping would be similar to online shopping?

    #OnlineShopping #GoogleAnalytics #Analytics #ShoppingOnline

  4. Pymes.com says:

    Un vídeo genial que nos mostró ayer Estanis de Paypal Spain​ en la
    #InteractMadrid de Medios de Pago Online. ¿Os imagináis si fuesen así las

  5. Aplitap d.o.o. says:

    Once Your customers are ready to buy something online from You, make it as
    easy as possible for them to finish purchase…

  6. Steve Blundell says:

    Ah yes, the classic timed out and start again sequence with all previously
    entered fields cleared that we all love and cherish. Timed out precisely
    because the UI is so unintuitive. 

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