25 thoughts on “Going Natural? Start Guide to Hair Products and Essentials

  1. My Natural Sistas says:

    Transitioning to go Natural? Or just did the Big Chop? Here are a few
    products to start with to kick off your journey! Congrats and Good Luck!

  2. Sidra Stackhouse says:

    Fantastic tips..If I had this when I started my journey I could’ve save
    hours watching tons of videos because you summed it up in less than 5
    minutes..Thank you I will share

  3. Charee Mason says:

    I love suave tropical coconut conditioner in large size! It does the job
    I also use coconut oil, amazing!!!!!
    Those are definiately great tools for those twas & short naturals!!!!

  4. kparks5232 says:

    I’m a newly 100% natural and I cowash my hair at least 4 times a week. I
    wanted to know is that too much?? 

  5. flaminkarrot says:

    I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but whenever I put oil in
    her hair after washing, it solidifies into little beads and i can’t spread
    it out evenly… anyone knows why this happens or how i can fix it?

  6. Verlenn Asali says:

    Hello, I ‘am Having hard time detangling my natural hair, I was wondering
    if you knew of any detangling products, tools, methods etc. to make
    detangling more easier for me. Because i’m currently take out soooo much of
    my hair when I detangle my hair.

  7. A ClassicDarkSkin says:

    Carmen everytime I see your videos I just think fabulous soul sista, keep
    inspiring us girl! Be blessed.

  8. Tara Smith says:

    Hi Carmen, i am 1 yr/2 months nature. Right now i wear wash and go’s or
    afros because its easy for me. Because my hair is coily, i sometimes have
    trouble with my end curling on itself. When should i try to twist my hair?

  9. 143Biebersbeauty says:

    Hi I’m just starting to go natural and I wanted to know do you air dry your
    hair and if so how do you do it with out it getting tangled and knotted?

  10. Kimberly Warren says:

    Carmen, I always love your videos! U are so beautiful. Where did you get
    the cap in this video?

  11. Yohanna Mequwanint says:

    What’s Co wash? Also, what are the best types of curl definers that I could
    import from the US?

  12. KD Herb says:

    I love this vid. I’ve made the decision to go natural. And i am happiest
    then ever that i did. Oh and can someone tell me the name of the music
    that’s playing in the back ground?

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