The Garden Shopper – Brass Sprayer Nozzles

When making purchasing decisions, many consumers base their choice on price rather than on the quality of the product. This is also true when purchasing something as simple as the type of sprayer nozzle used in your home irrigation system. Many people chose to go with a plastic nozzle rather than a higher priced brass sprayer nozzle. There are actually several advantages to a brass made product that will make the few extra dollars you spend worth it in the end.

One advantage to a brass sprayer nozzle is that it is more sturdy and therefore, longer lasting than plastic. They will not be as subject to breakage whether by someone accidentally stepping on them or a lawn mower running over them. Also, this product is able to resist the damage caused by mineral buildup found in many hard water systems and is resistant to clogging.

Water conservation has become a major concern in many areas of the country due to drought and also due to an increase in popularity of having homes that are as environmentally friendly as possible. A brass nozzle addresses these concerns by ensuring an even distribution of water throughout the entire area. Plastic nozzles are not able to maintain the same degree of accuracy or consistency over time.

More and more companies have switched to producing only plastic nozzles due to consumer preference so you may find it a little more difficult to locate a company that sells brass nozzles. Checking with a reputable landscaping company or doing an internet search would be a good place to start.

Using price as a basis for your purchasing decisions may work perfectly fine in some areas of life but with something as important and expensive as your landscape, it is better to go with quality rather than price.

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