21 thoughts on “Favorite Natural Hair Products

  1. J. Joelle says:

    I started off with the Giovanni direct Leave in but then I discovered Kinky
    Curly Knot Today and now it’s the love of my life lol. I would love a DC
    video and a Shea Butter vid! Great Video. Your Twist out is so bomb!

  2. Farrah F says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have a few new ones to try now. I love the
    topics. Keep the videos coming Porsha!

  3. Natural Ciera says:

    How often do you wash your hair? I know people say twice a month. and also
    how often do you co-wash, and when should you?

  4. Mixed Up With It says:

    Hey girl! I love your channel. I saw your video along side on of mine and
    got curious! Btw you are absolutely stunning as well :) Good luck

  5. Ambi Ell says:

    Lol we use alot of the same products. But majority of the time, I use Shea
    Moisture the first day I wash my hair, then if I need to re twist, I use a
    hair lotion. Lately, it’s been Creme of Nature’s argan oil. I have some of
    that Garnier’s leave in, but I’ve never tried it on my natural hair. I did
    when I was relaxed and it didn’t do much for me.

  6. Thomas says:

    I tried the argan life shampoo and after just one wash my hair is soft to
    the touch with some body and shine. My hair also tangles easily, especially
    at the roots and ends, and after using the argan life. shampoo I can
    actually run my fingers right through my hair from roots to tips. The smell
    is also very light and pleasant. I work out everyday and while ı don’t
    sweat a river, ı need to wash my hair with something that won’t dry it out
    and this shampoo will be perfect for that

  7. Victoria Gaye says:

    Nice video. Your hair is so cute. I’m trying to go natural and seeing your
    hair encouraged me a lot. I’m going start trying all the those products.

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