25 thoughts on “Favorite Hair Products for 4C Natural Hair

  1. Melanie Bailey says:

    Hi Jouelzy! How do you care for your ends? The end of my 4c hair always
    feel Frizzy and dry. I trim them and put product on them, but it doesn’t
    seem to be helping. What are your thoughts about the ends on 4c hair? 

  2. MichaelJfan4real says:

    I actually found that Shea Moisture products dried my hair out. It sucked
    because I was so excited after seeing how much everyone loved it. I’m still
    trying to find a product that will moisturize my dry hair. =(

  3. Satira Thometha says:

    Omg!! U have really helped me..I was soo sad because I felt that my hair
    was too nappy to go natural..I wore my hair out for one day and put my
    wigs back on. I did the big chop and I havent been using the right product.
    Now i am going to try to use the products that u showed us. I also loooove
    big hair so please pray for me and this natural transistion. I have
    been really sad about my hair because i cant get it to do right . I am
    trying to stick with this but it is sooo difficult..

  4. AdayinthelifewTomei says:

    Hey great videos!!! This is the first video of yours I have watched on
    hair. Do you style your hair dry or wet ?

  5. Ceras says:

    When I was suffering from dry hair from over processing, my arganl ife.
    shampoo was an amazing help! It brought my hair back to rain and ı highly
    recommend argan life shampoo !!!

  6. Mystique Raven says:

    I stopped using Shea Moisture, it dried my hair out, and would leave white
    flakes in my twist outs. Water and Castor is all I use on my hair now. I
    love it! 

  7. Marie Gray says:

    Jouelzy, I am loving your videos today, they are very informative. As for
    your rosemary mint conditioner, I have to say that I get very similar
    results for a fractions of the cost. Honesty, I have never tried the
    Carol’s Daughter products. I hear great things about them, but I also have
    2 daughters of my own whose hair I take care of and I am very conscientious
    about the price of products. I spend a lot on some, but one of my
    favorites is Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner. I absolutely love
    the results on my 4C hair – at a price of $3 a bottle! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  8. Zachary Polas says:

    I am using argan life argan oil .I’ve tried, but I think that’s because
    it’s 100% pure. because of its price I try to use it sparingly. I’m over 50
    so ı use it primarily under my eyes and around my lips where the wrinkles
    are deepest. Have definitely noticed a difference, would recommend for
    aging skin.

  9. Martin Hewsa says:

    I had very processed dry hair, bleach my roots and tone every 6 weeks,
    ever since ı started using this argan life shampoo, around 6 months ago, I
    no longer need to put oil in my hair when ı get out of the shower. The
    shampoo alone leaves my hair softer than my whole regime used to.

  10. JazzyMB7 says:

    Same here I was so disappointed that shea moisture does NOT work for me.
    But I am able to use their deep treatment mask. 

  11. yvette wilkinson says:

    Thx god shea moisture works for my mixed daughter n i…i can;t see myself
    ever spending more then $11 on a hair product 

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