25 thoughts on “FASHION FRIDAY: Online Shopping Guide

  1. Rachelthepiano says:

    Do you know any sites that have imitation designer clothes? I love the look
    of designer clothes but don’t like spending a bazillion dollars to look

  2. luvslagos says:

    I do most of my shopping online as well. Today I went to the “mall.” What a
    mistake…the parking lot was mobbed and people were cranky and rude.

  3. unknowntoall1000 says:

    omg! i was putting on your Fashion Friday nail polish and sadly, it spilled
    all over the rug -__- which isnt exactly a good idea if your rug is white..

  4. MissSarahB310 says:

    this has nothing to do with beauty and you have mentioned it before but is
    the pink behind you the actual color of a wall in your house or just a back
    drop…because i love it!!!!!

  5. lolamakeup1 says:

    Yes;julie i love your makeup up too.you have always a nice makeup and
    specialy here.can you tell the product you used?pleaseee

  6. Vonna Lee Paranal says:

    Shopaholics discovered a new but great online dress shop evah…Girls,
    visit it, DHstyles.com.. Their stunning sexy tops and cocktail dresses will
    surely amazed you. ^_^

  7. Cheapanddeal says:

    Online shopping is the best way to get what you want; thanks to the
    internet that has made shopping so convenient. You can purchase almost
    anything in the world sitting in the comfort of your home. For more visit
    cheapanddeal website.

  8. Tabreek App says:

    I think you missed out sheekly; most people tend to shop through sites like
    that these days too. because my sisters shop through asos and forever21 etc
    they now constantly about the sheekly hype for some reason … anyone
    shopped there?

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