25 thoughts on “Easy & Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial | ALL DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS

  1. Katerina Beauty Blog says:

    So this is probably as natural as it gets for me for prom hehe, now who
    wants a more dramatic look next?!

  2. idkbrookemaree says:

    Where did you get your Milani products from? I haven’t seen them anywhere
    in Australia as of yet! xx love your channel! haha I’ve been subscribed
    since before 1,000 subs! xx


    hi im a new subbie.. um just wondering since u used the fit me powder.. um
    jave u used the maybelline fit me foundation in dewy? what shade are u ?
    since im kinda the same skin tone as u but i always either get too dark or
    too light..
    and also like how does this look um show in the sunlight since dont know
    why everytime i do my make up always during daylight shows like i jave a
    ton of makeup when i actually dont

  4. Giuliagiulina says:

    Your skin is amazing! why do you use foundation? If I was in your shoes I
    would use just a bit of concealer and leave it natural! just a compliment

  5. Beautify Your Life says:

    Haha I love that you showed you’re wearing clothes. I was wondering! I just
    found your channel and love what I found. Keep up the good work! 

  6. Caitlyn Kreklewich says:

    You always amaze me with your looks like they are so well done and applied
    like butter!
    Holy crap girl you are a phenomenal goddess!
    I hope to one day inspire you like you have inspired me! #goals

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