23 thoughts on “Easy Gluten-Free Raw Vegan Wraps & More at Natural Products Expo 2015

  1. gary paterson says:

    John thanks to your advice I’ve been eating 2-4lbs of midicinal, homegrown
    marijuana a day. Thanks bro. 

  2. Annette Saulnier says:

    I can’t wait to go to Whole Foods to get some Wrawps! Thanks for sharing.
    I would love some more ideas on how to use them too

  3. MrMinecraftAtlantis says:

    It’s such a bummer your videos are not family friendly. You have a fun and
    powerful personality, but I can not share your videos with my kids or any
    of my kids friends. So sad.

  4. eyeYQ2 says:

    Those Wrawp’s are way too expensive! And the Miron bottles, seem to not be
    available for purchase, and there’s no price on the bottles : ( IF I
    wanted to buy some.

  5. trebor hgils says:

    Boy these reviews from the shows are priceless! Thank you so much.. And yes
    Wraps info and or recipes would be a great idea.
    I just had company over and I asked them to watch with me! 5 people all
    glued to the computer screen :-) . We all agree your upload is great to
    watch and learn from.

  6. Kenneth Boehs says:

    Interested products, curious are you concerned about the water quality in
    Japan? Cultured and Saucy looks like it would make a delicious topping on a

  7. Charmagne McKinney says:

    When I had those abscess on my gums I used to pack them with bentonite clay
    on a cotton ball for hours a day, I was kinda drooling a lot but it cleared
    it right up

  8. MakingHealthyChoices says:

    Thanks John, great walk through and introduction into some new things.
    Keep shining and sharing the love!

  9. jess e says:

    I love your videos. I bought 3 of the products you were recommending but I
    couldn’t find the CBD infusions from organic traditions so I found an
    alternative from that had yacon syrup :/ which I looked up, it seemed ok as
    an ingredient. I suffer with really bad eczema, worse than anybody i ever
    seen and im trying to go fully raw….i was just wondering if you think
    this is a good alternative CBD infusion. Srry for the rambling. thank you

  10. Qwazier3 says:

    Been trying to cut back on bread for years but I love bread and I just
    can’t leave it. I have been eating Ezekial bread though to try and cut out
    the other stuff. I plan on looking up those wraps. They look awesome.
    Thanks for the walk through. Wish you could’ve gotten more products in the

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