25 thoughts on “Easy, Everyday Makeup Using All-Natural Products

  1. Frida Gustafsson says:

    It´s really early in the morning , but I have no classes today so I am just
    going to take it easy all day long! =)

  2. Tatsumi says:

    I really liked this tutorial. Super simple and natural :) and my day was
    neutral haha. Spent it reading plays xD

  3. Stephanie Steele says:

    Today was pretty good! I am in the midst of potty training my daughter…so
    your video is refreshing :)

  4. JanaesDayBeau says:

    “…weird torture device” haha
    I love that you bring your quirky personality into your videos :)
    This makeup brand is very intriguing, especially the foundation! It looks
    so flawless on you!
    And my day is going great so far…..spending my morning catching up on
    Youtube videos with a cup of coffee! Woohoo!

  5. Natural Kath says:

    Just starting my day, but so far it’s very good. :) Your 100% Pure giveaway
    is making it better! I love their brand, but don’t have the products in
    the giveaway. That eyebrow gel/powder is intriguing.

  6. Jessica Robinson says:

    I’d love to win those products because I want natural products that won’t
    be problematic for my skin. My day started out good.

  7. daisy marie says:

    Do more natural looks like this because they’re great when you’re in a
    hurry and it looks put together.

  8. Mary Nadia says:

    I had a really good day! It’s march break for me right now so I’m enjoying
    the week off and relaxing :) love your videos! 

  9. Felicity Benjamin says:

    Anythoughts as to which I should get rid of first. I use bare minerals
    foundation, burts bees lip tint, clinique mascara, body shop blush, MAC eye
    shadows / liner? Thinking the worst cupret here is the mascara!

  10. BlackBlood74 says:

    Do you have an good natural vegan eyeliner suggestions? I just ran out. i
    saw you didn’t use one. I typically go for liquid liners.

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