13 thoughts on “Daily Lip Care + Favorite Natural Lip Products

  1. Emily's Studio says:

    This was super helpful Serina!! My lips were super super dry this past
    winter and I really didn’t know how to make them less flaky and less
    painful~ I’ll definitely have to try the witch hazel trick ^^

  2. julia lin says:

    The Body Shop has a lip-roller with (natural?) Oil in it. So you can gently
    apply the liproller on your lips and there will come some moisturising oils
    out. It cost about the 7 euro so I think about the 5-6 dollar? And thank
    you for the vid

  3. CornPoppy010 says:

    Congratulations to your pregnancy and all the best to you and your whole
    family :) greetings from Germany. I am so lucky to live in Germany. There
    are so many organic Cosmetic brands here :) I love that you care about
    health and the safety of cosmetic products :) 

  4. sonatak304 says:

    So nice to have you back, you look fantastic! That colour love my kisses is
    so pretty on you, I will have to give it a try too. I have Audrey and I
    like it too. All the best!

  5. conejitoasesinoOG says:

    First of all congratulations! Also, great tips and i am excited to try the
    red Apple brand as i too have been looking for a good natural lipstick.
    Best luck with everything!

  6. ΕΙΡΗΝΗ says:

    I love your hair, you look beautiful. So natural and elegant in the future
    Make a collection with your favourite perfumes <3

  7. Beauty Bemused says:

    You look great Serina! To treat dry lips I like using cotton pad soaked
    with milk on my lips and leave it on for 5+ mins with Saran Wrap on top and
    then gently exfoliate with finger after and topping that with Aritaum Honey
    Ginger Lip Mask before bed or la Mer lip balm for day time^^ Great video as
    always! LOVE learning about new organic brands from you^^

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