25 thoughts on “Current Favourites Products – natural, vegan, organic

  1. Ela Gale ♡ says:

    I haven’t done a favourites video in so long! I thought it might be useful,
    and if it is I can do them on occasion ♡

  2. Myra Shah says:

    Thank you for this video. I actually use the Sukin brand facewash and
    Rosehip oil. Has helped me with the fine lines and wrinkles.

  3. Serafina ♡ says:

    I love these videos from you, I really like being exposed to more natural
    and organic products that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, even if
    they’re out of my budget – it’s just good to know. Please continue to make
    P.S. I *love* Sukin products too, so affordable and so good.

  4. Claritza Diaz says:

    You’re voice is already very relaxing and the rain in the background made
    it all the better. I love you Ela! And your videos

  5. Burden Bright says:

    I completely trust your favorites! Can’t wait to try the detox tea!:) You
    should totally do a DIY perfume vid!:)

  6. lunasicle says:

    What do you use cashew butter for? Is it just like peanut butter, for
    toast/dipping veggies/etc or can you use it for other things?

  7. Juli Steiner says:

    Thank you Ela, this was really useful! I was searching for a nice mascara,
    I’ll definitely try out the physicians formula one!
    And your shirt is just lovely *-*

  8. katrina kat says:

    I read that stevia is not healthy at all, I personally never tried it but
    that’s what I read on a medical journal

  9. komal desai says:

    Please do favourites videos often.. they are awesome. the brand ‘organic
    india’ also has some really different and good variety of teas u should try

  10. jessica t. says:

    it would be amazing if you lovely ppl out there could give me some
    recommendations …i’m currently on the hunt for a new foundation thats
    cruelty free & packed with better ingredients than common foundations &
    cause i have to order it online it would be great if you could give me some
    advice :) ps: i have combination skin with quite dry skin around my nose
    area …thank you <3

  11. holly johnson says:

    You should definitely try Sanctum’s organic skin care products! I used to
    use Sukin but I love Sanctum way more :)

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