4 thoughts on “CES 2014: Can Online Grocery Shopping Really Save You Money?

  1. therealdflatter says:

    The day I can easily and affordably order groceries online will be an epic
    one. As a gamer who only leaves my place to work, visit family/friends and
    do “errands” like grocery shopping, this would be AMAZING. Looks like it’s

    Also one step closer to being able to ditch my car. Paid in full a few
    years ago but car insurance/registration fees are RAPE pure and simple.
    Want to cut that shit out and rent on the rare chance I need a car.

  2. Syntra Click says:

    I’ve been shopping online with Safeway for over a year (Seattle, WA area).
    After seeing this video I thought Amazon Fresh would be cheaper. Nope!
    Everything I tried on Amazon was more expensive. Sweet potatoes, chicken
    stock, chicken, beef, graham crackers… Even more so, Safeway’s brand
    items are usually cheaper (eg. Swanson vegetable stock vs Safeway brand
    vegetable stock). Sticking with Safeway. Compare for yourself before
    shopping! Amazon will deliver for free if you order more than $100 however
    if you don’t, they tack on a higher delivery fee. With Safeway for me it’s
    like $3 or $6 I think for delivery. 

  3. Rainy Cao says:

    I think so. At least it saves me time. If with some stackable coupons found
    on coupon sites like AnyCodes, Coupons, I can save a bit more compared with
    driving to retailer stores.

  4. rosie martone says:

    I do a lot of online grocery with walmart. The only deals i have found on
    amazon are “subscribe and save items”.
    Im not big on generic or store brand items. but “great value” products are
    really pretty good!

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