Buying a Multitool

Power Tek, a new company that has incorporated creativity and the latest technology is psyched to present to you the new Fire Talon Multi Tool that combines precision with innovativeness and has built in LED technology. This multitool is bound to be at the top of the food chain above all other tools. Dealing with emergencies is inevitable and in a perfect world, you can do repairs in the house and other DIY tasks under good lighting. But honestly speaking, even you know that this is far from what happens in the real world. Many are the times that you have found yourself in a situation to solve and fix something around the house but you just do not have enough lighting to do it properly. In fact, if you are one of those handy people, this happens more often that you care to remember right? It rarely fails and it is always within reach however, mysteriously, just when you need the flashlight for an installation or repair task, you just cannot seem to find it and you are left to grope around in the dark trying to complete what you started.

However, even when you manage to locate your flashlight, you will still have a hard time trying to shine light on the area you are working on whilst you try with the other free hand to work your working tools to fix the problem. This will have you take almost twice as long as you would have in normal conditions if not longer. And even then you are still not assured of perfection and will have to go back later when there is sufficient light to get the job perfected.


However, what if there was a solution to freeing both your hands while you are at work? What if you did not have to juggle between the flashlight and the working tools to complete the repair? What if you did not have to go through your tool box, check behind the seat and turn your garage inside out trying to locate your flashlight? Well, you can. Power Tek offers the solution to the problems of many handy people in their households – Fire Talon is here to the rescue.


It is a multitool that makes available a wide range of tools that are essential to DIY projects at home and has built-in LED flashlights on both its ends making emergency fixes and repairs walk in the park for you – even in dim lighting.


It features a steel pocket knife blade that has a self-locking mechanism that you can use to cut through tough objects, wire strippers that make electrical repairs easy and fun, flat head and Phillips screwdrivers to handle any tough task, spring loaded pliers and a firm grip enabling you to be on top of the situation at all times.


When you need to make unexpected fixes, this tool can be a real life saver regardless of whether you are at home, at a camp or stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Emergencies occur anywhere and at any such time, the portability of this tool comes in real handy – It is 4 inches long and 9.8 ounces heavy.


Do not settle for ordinary while you can have extraordinary tools making your life easier.

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