Buying and Using Micro USB Chargers

The nightmare of any electronic user is getting the dreaded beep indicating that the battery is low. Every user can relate to this whether its form of a phone, computer, laptop or what have you. The moment you hear that beep, the first thing that goes through your mind is whether you have a charger around or not but for the majority of us, we are caught off guard. In a world that is literally being driven by technology, being cut from the connection can have some devastating effects.

Well this is about to change with the new introduction of the micro usb charger. So is this the technology that is going to save you from the power issues? The answer to that question is both yes and no! The usb charger will just open more ways of charging out devices. Think of it as a master key that lets you access most room but not all. What the micro charger will do is allow you to connect to usb enabled machines and be able to tap its power source. The real kicker here is that most devices if not all are USB enabled which means that you get more power outlets to charge your phone and your other wireless accessories.

However this is not the ultimate solution, to ensure that you have power continuously you need to plan ahead and anticipate situation like power outages. Something worth noting here is that in case of a power outage, the micro usb will be of little help here. This is where you need something else like the car charger or the backup battery charger. This two devices will give you the power you need in-case the mains power isn’t available or you are not near a power source. You can connect the car charger or the backup charger with the micro charger and charge your devices. However this option support mostly the phone, tablets and other wireless accessories and may not work well with other high power consuming devices.

If you are going on a trip or a hiker then you need to plan proper. In addition to having the micro usb charger, you will need to pack a bit more unless you want to the devices powering off on you suddenly. Carry things in two that is a pair of batteries, both fully charged. Don’t forget the battery backups and the car charger. You can later plug in the car charger then hook it up to the charger and charge your devices. This still applies while at home and you don’t have power, just pop into the car, switch it on and charge your phone.

The micro usb charge may not give you power but it still has lot more offer to the users. In addition to supporting more devices, the charger can also be plugged into most if not all of usb power outlets. The usb power out lets are also found on other machines meaning that they too can charge up your devices

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