24 thoughts on “Book Haul: Online Shopping OOPS (#48)

  1. confessionsoflucy says:

    It is pronounced Nosferatu because it’s supposed to sound like the name of
    the vampire movie “Nosferatu”

  2. Sophie Luvs Books says:

    I cried at the end of The Final Empire….because spoiler but yeah that
    shows how much I loved it. I just started reading The Knife of Never
    Letting Go by Patrick Ness and am flying through it.

  3. Books Beauty Ameriie says:

    NOS4A2…yes, such a fantastic book! Americanah and White Wolf are in my
    tbr as well. Looking forward to hearing what you think of them all. ^_^

  4. Jamie Welch says:

    I love the princess bride too! As you wish was a great read, I do however
    highly, highly recommend the audio book because it is narrated by Mr. Elwes
    and the cast. Carey does impressions very well and I felt that listening to
    the audio book was its own special treat. 

  5. mochimotsu says:

    ooh I just finished Ready Player One and LOVED it so I’m definitely
    checking wolf in the white van out :D

  6. Butterbeer And aBook says:

    I’m currently reading As You Wish! I’m enjoying it because I love the
    Princess Bride so much. I would only recommend it to really big fans. And I
    really want to read All the Rage! I heard from a book reviewer on tumblr
    who had actually been raped that the portrayal of the aftermath and
    everything was accurate but apparently the main characters rapist does not
    actually appear in the book which I find a little strange. But hey, maybe
    it works. I still want to read it.

  7. AshleyReads says:

    NOS4A2 is absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend the audiobook for
    that one. The narrator was amazing!

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