23 thoughts on “Big try on Summer haul I Crazy online shopping

  1. Kay Marie says:

    You’re seriously so beautiful! You look like a real life mermaid haha, love
    all the clothes <3 you deserve why more subbies, your editing is amazing !

  2. Isabella Corgan says:

    You’re beautiful without make up. You’re beautiful with make up. You’re so
    sweet. You’re fit. What else??? I hate you girl, you’re so perfect ;-) 

  3. sara woodfield says:

    Hi estelle! Love your videos you are absaloutley stunning! Would you be
    able to do an evening routine or a tanning routine or an everyday make up
    look? That would be awesome :-) xxx

  4. xolilytran says:

    This is such a great way to do a haul! Way better than just holding the
    pieces up, really enjoyed watching this :)

  5. BellaBambaBarbie says:

    How did you do the split screen and the triple screen? and what editor did
    you use :D ? also, youre literally the most beautiful girl ever! amazing
    hair, tan, and you’re super fit! super stunning! :)

  6. 000Chanelle000 says:

    I’ve just found your channel through this video and I love it! You’re so
    beautiful and awesome editing girl! New sub :D x

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