22 thoughts on “BIG ONLINE SHOPPING HAUL!!

  1. husonuso says:

    Idk if it’s the narcotics that made me right this but you are such a cutie,
    your voice, attitude, the way you talk, your hair, smile, and eyes. I think
    I’ve watched too many of your vids lol. If you watch/play soccer then you
    would be the perfect girl! OMG and I almost forgot the advices you give are
    soooo on point and you have a great taste in clothes. I think I’m a bit
    high lol

  2. Sean Quinn says:

    Coco, with prom coming up at my shool, I’m nervous on how I should ask the
    girl I like. If you could make a video on ways to ask a girl that aren’t
    tacky or cliche that would be AWESOME!

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