23 thoughts on “BEAUTY HAUL: I Blacked Out Online Shopping

  1. Meghan Rienks says:

    WOAH HEY NEW VIDEO ♡ I may or may not have blacked out while online
    shopping again…so here’s a haul!

  2. Trevurr says:

    did anyone else have to replay the first second of this like fifteen times?
    I couldn’t tell what she was saying all I could catch was “wash you hair”

  3. makeupbaby18 says:

    I CAN WATCH YUR VIDEOS FOR HOURS like I already have….. Please tell me
    I’m not the only one!!!!!!!!

  4. KatDoesNotLikeTuna says:

    If you don’t like hydrating BB creams then why were you the spoke person
    for Complexion Rescue…?

  5. DramaticMac says:

    Im a going mad or are under your eyes yellow? Love the video sweetie You
    are always so happy and look stunning! x

  6. anna heath says:

    Is it just me, or is there yellow under her eyes and above her nose? Not
    hating, she still looks gorgeous!:) I noticed my banana powder was doing
    this to me because I’m too fair

  7. Theresa Blueberry says:

    Can I have your hair please? Thanks. Oh and your eyebrows, eyes, lips,
    clothes, makeup, video quality, editing,…… You get the point? :DDD <3

  8. Katerina Beauty Blog says:

    LOL yes teabagging does have a dirty meaning. Keeping this comment PG and
    saying to look it up on urban dictionary hahaha

  9. thisisbrooke says:

    The title “Big Ass Haul” made me think you were gonna haul some big asses
    :( what a disappointment 

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