21 thoughts on “Another Summer HAUL – Online Shopping, Outlets, & MORE!

  1. Lauren Cargill says:

    I love your sense of style! Would it be possible for you to do school
    outfits cause I have free dress for the first time since I’m gonna be a
    freshman. Thanks!

  2. Lizzie Rivers says:

    Can your next clothing haul be a try on haul as well? I think it’s cool to
    see what the clothing piece looks like on as well!

  3. Joanna Gipson says:

    Danielle, in defense of the people who say that you do too much self
    promotion, they are wrong. I don’t think that you do. I just think that
    your enthusiasm for life just bubbles over into your dialogue. You are a
    naturally joyful person, and you really care about us; your audience. Don’t
    you change a thing. You’re perfect the way you are♡

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