17 thoughts on “All Natural Beauty Products I love

  1. Sarah Buster says:

    I’ve been interested in trying the Red Apple Lipsticks for a while now and
    will be placing an order tonight for Audrey and Maven Mauve!
    Have you ever tried the Andalou Naturals Brightening Sheer Tint? I love it
    for low key days when I’m not wanting any coverage, but I wonder if the
    Devita Moisture Tint is comparable or has more coverage? 

  2. KateAdam Florken says:

    Thank you so much for the recommendations. There are a couple things here
    that I’m really interested in trying out for myself… in particular, the
    palette and that Now moisturizer. I’ll add them both to my list! Thanks so


  3. JanaesDayBeau says:

    I love your natural product videos!! I’ve been slowly converting to more
    natural products the past year, so I love hearing new recommendations :)
    My favorite newly discovered product has been my Arbonne foundation! It’s

  4. Amber's Beauty Talk says:

    Ooh I loved this video because I haven’t tried any of the products you
    mentioned so it’s nice to hear about new ones. I am dying to try Red Apple

  5. Melissa Price says:

    Love the review of your natural product selections.
    And so funny that you sing in your videos too as I did the exact same thing
    in my video. ;)
    You know when you find that holy grail product…it really does make you
    want to sing the praises. Lol!

    Regarding one of your products you mentioned: If you love the pit paste and
    don’t mind deodorants in paste form, you might want to try Schmidt’s
    deodorant. I absolutely love this. I did a review on my gluten free
    natural channel if you want to check it out. I’ve been using this and so
    far haven’t had any need to search farther for a new one. Love the scents
    and they perform amazingly well. And even though they are white in color,
    they leave no residue on dark colored clothing either. And actually I have
    noticed my white tees don’t get discolored either. A major plus.
    Not sure if that’s proper you tuber etiquette so not pasting a link,
    but really did want to make a suggestion to you. So if you are interested
    you can find it under my reviews for SCHMIDT DEODORANT REVIEW (all natural
    and gluten free) on my channel.
    Hope you have a great day!
    Melissa in MN.

  6. CleanEcoStyle says:

    OMG, I love castor oil and it’s great for oil cleansing method and also has
    many other benefits. I love everything about clean and natural products.
    Oh, I recently reviewed Pacifica nail polish in my video, omg, love it,
    it’s so long lasting!

  7. sara Machlis says:

    Omg you are gorgeous funny and articulate! Please make more videos like
    this! This is the exact info I was looking for! Love natural products!

  8. Pure Sparkle says:

    That Pacifica pallete um yes please! I only have 1 red apple lipstick so
    I’m not sure if it goes for all of them but mine smells awesome. I could
    sniff it all day lol. 

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