14 thoughts on “6 Favorite Natural Curly Hair Products

  1. JANELLE S. says:

    i use a lot of those same products .. cool :)
    i like the moist 3 minute miracle by aussie sometimes as well, you ever
    tried that ? My favorite product is the Curls Creme though cause it leaves
    my hair moisturized & smelling like cake. Great video 

  2. Yeriel Montalvo says:

    What you do to refresh your curls in the morning and what you do when go to
    sleep? I’m letting my hair grow and having problem in the morning because I
    don’t know what to do, I don’t get more than two days. I ask you this
    because I have more or less the same type of curls definition as you. oh
    and what type of haircut you have. could you make a video about how you
    wash/style your hair pleasssseeee.

  3. Jessica Gonzales says:

    hey I love your hair so much I always wanted my curls to come out like
    yours , do you have instagram? I would love to ask you about your hair

  4. Chloe ADos Reis says:

    I love the Eco Styler olive oil gel! Works great for my curls and doesn’t
    leave a residue or weigh my hair down :)
    And you’re so pretty! Love your hair, great video x 

  5. Roselina Rosa-Angel says:

    No shade but seriously your voice is so monotone that I couldn’t finish
    watching your video. Might have had useful info but because of your
    presentation and voice I couldn’t keep watching. 

  6. Deonna Johnson says:

    You are really pretty! ANd I love thhe aussie moisture, eco styler and curl
    crème brulee they have literall changed my hairs life!! I’m new to your
    channel and had to subscribe!!! I’m glad I found you! I would love if you
    checked me out and ONLY subscribe if you interested! Amazing video love!
    Proud new subbie here! XOXO

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