13 thoughts on “4c natural hair products

  1. Alicia Gibbs says:

    Lol you are too funny! I like the curls blueberry bliss edge paste and the
    soft sheen carson amla edge paste. I didn’t know the loc thing was a thing
    lol But it is what I do and then I twist it up with chunky twist. I use the
    amla oil from soft sheen and some cinnamon rosemary oil.

  2. Rattles Heels says:

    Lisa, you always crack me up. I love JBCO and ecostyler gel. The olive oil
    gel makes my hair hard so I use the blue one. I have to agree on those edge
    control gels, I’m yet to find one that work on my daughter and I. We do the
    same as you, a little gem and a scarf.

  3. Kez B. says:

    lol I have 4c hair but haven’t dabbled in styling it as yet besides doing
    buns with a little help.. I feel u on being low maintenance and loving
    weaves..can’t go wrong with ecostyler gel.. I like the dark protein one the
    best #bboyt 

  4. Femme Fitale Fit Club TV says:

    My hair is finicky and very particular. I just use Design Essentials
    products and Kinky Curly Custard and Knot Today and keep it moving. I’m
    very low maintenance.

  5. Glam Mom Linzi says:

    Omg I just bought the first two products this week so I’m glad you did a
    review on them bc I haven’t used them yet. Well, I’m lying, I have been
    using the castor oil on my brows and lashes every night, and I’ve been
    using it on my edges, but I haven’t used the styling lotion yet. I also
    bought the shampoo in that line and I’m washing my hair tomorrow so I’ll
    use everything then. This was like perfect timing…thanks

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