25 thoughts on “236| Jenell Stewart’s Top 10 Products for Natural Hair

  1. mamanulu says:

    I like your video, and I’m loving the products. I know this may sound
    silly, but I have to ask. How and when do you use all these products? I’m a
    newbie. Thanks

  2. Ariel Wilson says:

    I REALLY love the Doublebutter Cream it is just so amazing! it didn’t give
    much hold but the twist out was amazing! I also love the shea moisture line
    I don’t like the deep conditioner as a deep conditioner I use it as a
    styler and it works MAGIC UGH i love love love it!

  3. BlakIzBeautyful says:

    I say yes, the amount of silk protein in this product is used to help mend
    and repair chips and dents in your hair strand not to be confused with the
    protein used in protein treatments. :-P

  4. Ashley Robinson says:

    Ok so this may sound crazy but I follow your regimen instructions from your
    website to the letter lol it’s just that good!! Lol would you mind updating
    it to reflect your new product preferences?

  5. BlakIzBeautyful says:

    No you are not crazy at all. A lot of people follow it. It has been updated
    several times actually but the products arent as important as actually
    doing it. Which types of products did you want to know about specifically?

  6. Raquel Rene' says:

    I really enjoyed your video highlighting your top #10 products for natural
    hair care; I also learned a lot by looking at the pre-poo video using Curly
    Twirls. Peace, blessings and love!

  7. Monica Pratt says:

    Hi Ms. Stewart, I did find your video very helpful. I had just took my
    locks out after 20 years and so I need to use products that will not take
    my hair out! :-) Thank you!

  8. Priscilla Reddish says:

    I just started using shea moisture products BC i have really dry hair. Are
    the results forthcoming…I haven’t noticed a difference. I used the
    restorative conditioner as 2 in 1 and coconut/olive oil as sealant with
    curling smoothie afterwards. Am I doing something wrong??? Help

  9. TheMsPhyl says:

    I have soft, fine hair and love Elasta QP on my ends when using Curl
    Enhancing Smoothie. Your hair looks great.

  10. Coco Chanel says:

    Hi luv ur vids is this a 2014 vid ??? Cd u plzz start putting a date on ur
    vids example like 8-2014 ,, bcuz for me and other new subbie’s we dnt know
    wuts new or old thnx

  11. Ceras says:

    I placed my first order with arganl ife. organic shampoo a few weeks ago
    to try a few products.I loooove this shampoo and I would like to afford to
    use it every time. shampoo as it always gives me a great hair day! I use it
    every other time. It’s clean rinsing, fresh smelling and wonderful! 

  12. Francis says:

    I bought argan life organic shampoo , I like it. I bought it because my
    wife is pregnant and we are buying as much “organic” product as we can.

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