25 thoughts on “150,000 SUBSCRIBERS GIVEAWAY!!! Jewelry, Natural beauty products and more

  1. Amanda Torres says:

    Eeeeekkk! Everything about this giveaway gets me so excited. Lately I have
    been trying to enourage my family to convert to a more healthy lifestyle
    and it has been like pulling teeth. My mother seems like she’s willing to
    give it a try, but she sees it more as a “health kick” so she can lose a
    few pounds. With recent health scares in my family, I want to show them
    that “health” can be so much more than just the food we put in our bodies
    but the skin/ hair care we use on our bodies as well. I would be so excited
    to share these products with my mother, sister, and father as well to show
    them that embarking on a life style change is not about sacrificing the
    things you once loved, but rather embracing a new sense of control over
    your health and life that you never knew you could achieve. And YES!,
    simple things like shampoo and rosewater can help make such a difference

    Peace and love!!

  2. Phylicia Taylor says:

    I do not care which set I get whichever would be fine, I am not picky. I
    would be grateful for whatever. Thanks so much!

  3. Bethzaida Garcia says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! All of the sets reflect your style perfectly :)
    Im interested in the hydrating hair care set :) keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. Heather Mullins says:

    I loooove your channel!!! So much so that I have watched all of your videos
    multiple times. I love the light that seems to shine through you, and you
    are my lion babe. I am addicted to the pumpkin pie recipe, and adoore your
    style. (Trying to find more jewelry!) The best gift would be to show us
    your current skin care routine in a video! I have been struggling with acne
    for years, and would love to look as radiant as you. Your videos fill me
    with so much energy to start loving myself, the planet, and others, I just
    have to get out there and do something! I want nothing more than more
    videos from you, my lion babe, but for your lovely give away I would
    appreciate the rose lovers set, or my 36in hair would love the calia
    balancing set, but any will do! Love you! Keep shining! 

  5. Arc Kocsog says:

    You are really and inspiration and listening to you is so soothing. Thanks!
    I would like to receive the amethyst jewellry set:)

  6. Juri S says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy and proud of you, you have an amazing
    beautiful heart, wish all your dreams and goals come true! u have been
    inspiration for all of us.I can’t thank you enough for all that positive
    energy you sharing with us. As far as gift aways ,so generous and
    thoughtful, and no matter who will win , I am very exited anyway , it is
    not just material gifts , it is like a piece of you , all your heart and
    love put in the gift box and u will make someone very very happy . I never
    won anything before and actually never even was involved in any kind of
    gift aways , so if it happens to be me anything will be grateful
    appreciated .thank you again for all your love .Xoxo. Kate. 

  7. Wade Ancheta says:

    Your videos have inspired me to use natural skin/beauty care, and I’m
    loving the switch to healthier products! So, thanks for the inspiration!
    This is the first give away I have ever entered, I would love to try the
    hair or skin care products because some of the brands you have shown are
    not easily accessible unfortunately! Congratulations on 100,000 subscribers
    and I know 100,000 more are coming your way! You’re videos put me in a
    positive mood, and when I’m having a bad day, I take some time to lounge
    around and watch some of your videos!

  8. Emma Victoria says:

    Thanks to you I’ve been trying to live more naturally, and I feel better
    than ever! You’ve also helped me cope with my anxieties better. Thank you
    so much!
    I would love love love to win the jewelry set!
    It’d be a nice surprise because my birthday is a couple days after the
    giveaway ends :)

  9. Nicole Montoya says:

    I would love one of the hair care sets! I just discovered your channel a
    few weeks ago and I binge watched all of your episodes!! You’re amazing and
    your chia seed puddings were so delicious that I had to try them out!

  10. aizlinn norcott says:

    I just want to say you honestly have inspired me to be healthier I have
    been much healthier and I used to have digesting problems with certain junk
    foods I’ve been eating and now I’m so much healthier and I no longer have
    digestive problems from eating organic healthy foods so I think you deserve
    so many more subscribers you are filled with useful information and you are
    just so amazing anyways if I win I’d like to receive the Calia haicare sets

  11. Juliet Dispensa says:

    Congrats! I enjoy watching your amazing and inspirational videos. The
    Gemstone Organic skincare sounds wonderful.

  12. znieszka says:

    thank you for shearing your sweet personality and knowledge….. I really
    enjoy your videos……..you disserve the viewers who watch you……thank
    you :)

  13. QueenBeeRoyals says:

    I would love to win the hair care set please I just want to say thank you
    watching your videos has helped me I have kidney infections and have really
    high anxeity watching your videos have been such a great help for me and I
    feel better than ever and have not had a kidney infection for a four months
    and I’m super happy if I don’t win I just wanted to know how can buy a
    bracelet ? And I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me to
    better my health and myself thank you so much -Brittani R 

  14. LillyLuck88 says:

    Thank yo for your generosity with these gifts and in spirit. You have been
    a true inspiration for me to embrace healthy living and take more conscious
    steps to love myself. I adore anything rose or hair care.

  15. Lauren Lee says:

    Congrats on all your subbies, lovely lady! Your videos always help me feel
    calm and happy! All the gift sets are beautiful but I would pick the rose
    set first

  16. Cleo Lau says:

    I would like to get the rose set because it’s so hard to get it in Hong
    Kong…:( Hope you’re all having a great time on Valentine’s day^_^

  17. ענבל סיגורה says:

    Hi! I would like to get the Rose Lovers Set or the Gemstone Organics
    Skincare set. Thanks and xoxo from Tel-Aviv 3>

  18. Debi Gurung says:

    Hi gitl tysm for doing this giveaway you r perfection and its with your own
    money and I really want to win this giveaway cus my bffs bdays coming up
    and she loves gemstones and dis wuld b perfect for her also im a buddhist
    and I meditate so that bracelet is purrfect also ure so pure I thought your
    name was pure wen I saw u lov u xoxo ♥ ♡ ♥

  19. elsa gasquy says:

    Thank you so much for all your videos , I love them all ! I am on a
    programm at the moment to help me to eat healthy and not to fight against
    my body anymore and your videos are a good help in my program… especialy
    all your beauty advices and your delicious recipies ! they are amasing !
    I love all the sets ! I can t decide ;)

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