24 thoughts on “15 Awesome Cleaning Hacks + DIY Natural Cleaning Products!

  1. Mollie Rose says:

    WOW! This was SO helpful and you clearly put so much effort and time into
    this video! It is definitely appreciated :) I will be referring to this
    video a lot for all the various DIYs! I am totally checking out that
    documentary! What did you use to make the All Purpose Cleaner label and
    recipe label? It’s such a great idea to put the recipe on the back!

  2. Molly Mae says:

    Great tips! Sponges are sick! I refuse to use them. They hold so much
    bacteria deep inside. It doesn’t matter how much you mircowave it. I
    instead like to just use microfiber dish rags with the a scrubby side on
    one side. Much easier to routinely switch out and prevent bacteria build

  3. Lindsay Christine says:

    Oh my gosh! This was so helpful! I’ve recently decided to switch to natural
    cleaning brands, but they are very expensive! Thank you so much for this
    video! Great tips! xo

  4. Karynia B says:

    WINDEX: 1/2 cup ammonia 1/2 cup alcohol and fill the rest of the spray
    bottle with water, for streak free windex, add a bit of blue dawn dish
    liquid if you want to make it blue but in my experience this is what makes
    it streak. WAY cheaper and will last a very long time.

  5. Madeleine Lange-Chenier says:

    Omg that microwave one is going to save my life! Also I love your funny
    sketches at the end <3

  6. Silvie Smiles says:

    Awesome tips. Can’t wait to try the dryer sheets. I recently did I video on
    DIY cleaners too…now that I’ve gotten into cleaning this way I will never
    go back. Love your channel. 

  7. Swift Swift says:

    Woow !! Omg The video is so amazing .
    Very simple &I love your editing style ….You look as stunning as always.
    Please do Current skin care Routinue for summer.But your one off the best
    you tuber .’Cos your videos are always different &decent. Xoxo

  8. Ammeta says:

    ahhaaha you’re funny parts in the end always make my day!
    But husband actually does this for real though :( LOL

  9. Nicolette Shasky says:

    I meant to clean this weekend but unfortunately didn’t get around to it.
    Now I’m glad I didn’t and saw this video first! I think it’s awesome that
    vinegar is used as a staple because we can save so much money that way too!
    Also I’m happy to see that I have another way to use all my essential oils!
    Yay! I think my favorite hacks were the sponge, microwave, and DIY laundry
    sheets. It’s so much less wasteful and better for the environment! I’m
    always looking for more ways to reduce my carbon footprint <3

  10. Reem H says:

    ahhh i want but, i’m afraid to watch the show you mentioned… I know
    it”ll have the same effect as Food Inc.. 

  11. Lori Zabrodski says:

    No vinegar on cork floors either, I used a bit on mine for cat puke and it
    faded them a bit. Also I read best is vinegar and rubbing alcohol, one
    after another and has to stay on 5 minutes to be effective.

  12. Emily Olson says:

    BRITTANY! This video is so great! I think about these things all the time –
    I use somewhat harsh chemicals & would love to switch but never know where
    to start. Thank you for this well-done video! Love it as always! xoxox! 

  13. Indecisive Dizzy says:

    This is so helpful! I have allergies and very sensitive skin, so finding
    natural alternatives is exciting :)

  14. Danielle Nicole says:

    I love this video!! I’ve been using natural cleaning products for a while
    now and I feel so much better about it.

  15. Stacy Macedo says:

    Any suggestions to cleaning an oven an easy way rather then turning on the
    oven cleaner. I don’t know if all ovens are this way but mine is really
    strong when it’s set to oven cleaner and burns my eyes with the steam that
    goes into the air even when closed 

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