25 thoughts on “♥Products for Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair | NazzysBeauty

  1. lovelynaturalcurls says:

    Thanks for the products! I’m three months into my transition now, just made
    a YouTube channel dedicated to it! :) also I love shea butter!

  2. jamela lin says:

    Love your personality!!! So cute:D definitely gonna buy the eco styler gel.
    So excited after watching this video. Yay!!!!

  3. Leslie J says:

    Great video! Natural girls rock! I use and love the coconut oil and the
    cantu shea butter leave in…and cantu co wash is the bomb also! AsIAm
    products are great! Leslie J…cuz :)

  4. Vegas Girl says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous & so moisturized. I just started transitioning
    about a month ago & dryness is a problem. I’m going to give some of these a

  5. Nickey Robinson says:

    Great video. I’ve been considering going natural and found your video while
    researching. This has been extremely helpful for me in making the
    decision…Thank You!

  6. Jessica Dickey says:

    Hi there…I am looking for more information/more video journeys about
    transitioning from relaxed to ones natural curls. I currently have below
    bra strap length relaxed hair, it’s healthy, think and continues to
    grow…I just wanted to try something new, other than cutting it again. I
    usually relax every 7 months to a year depending on what I am doing in that
    season. Florida weather is crazy so I usually keep it braided up since I
    work out and swim it’s a lot easier to wash in braids/plaits. If you know
    of anyone that is transitioning without doing “the big chop” could you
    please direct me to their channel? Thank you in advance and have a grand

  7. frankelijah1 says:

    I’m 4 months into my Transition……and it’s HARD! Thanks for these tips
    because I get confused at which products to use when! thanks again! I may
    even subscribe:-)

  8. Leon Allan says:

    I have tried 5 different organic shampoo’s and +++Arga.nlife shampoo++ is
    the best, other products didn’t clean as well. I’ve now been using it for 5
    month and my hair has never been healthier, my hair dresser of 7 years
    actually thought I had died my hair because of the natural hues that have
    come out in my hair

  9. annakay lyle says:

    hey! i love your videos…. question, new to transition so how long before
    i could do a chop and start using the products? I stop relaxing ma hair in
    april 2014 that was the last time i relax

  10. Mikia Dewberry says:

    Great video! I just made the decision to transition! This relaxer i have in
    now will be my last. Its only a couple of wks old. Can i still use the
    product in the video?

  11. MisMupp says:

    Olive, Avocado, and Coconut are the penetrating oils. My hair likes the
    first two but coconut not so much. It makes my hair feel dry and brittle if
    used by itself or if it’s really high in formulation because of the way it
    interacts with protein and I’m sensitive. I’m not transitioning but I tell
    people don’t feel bad if your hair hates something that other people’s like
    and vice versa. We are all unique. Good luck on your journey.

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