25 thoughts on “♥ Online Shopping Haul + Tips For Shopping Online ♥

  1. magnarocka says:

    do you ever get fans sending you stuff? cos i have cute bracelets that i
    make that i would love to give to you.

  2. forgottenblue says:

    Just wondering what is your preferred method of paying online? Obviously
    you have to use credit card, but is it through paypal or just entering the
    card in the payment section every time?

  3. afroza M says:

    On ebay if you type in ‘cute rings’ or ‘cute/funky/fashion
    earring/necklaces/bracelets etc’ you can find stuff that is soooooo cheap
    but sooo worth it! I bought a spike necklace and bracelet for £2.99 at the

  4. Tawny Thongsory says:

    i totally agree. my friends are always questioning why i purchase things
    online but i get them at a much cheaper price than instores. lol im the
    wiser spender, but they don’t know

  5. PixieHollowPrincess1 says:

    I like ebay, modcloth(dot)com and I recently found a new one,
    gokawaiiness(dot)com (they have really great prices) I love to shop online
    because I feel like I’m getting better deals and like I’m founding “unique”
    things LOL!!! :) BTW Love your vids!

  6. akhil dahiya says:

    want to shop online where you can even bargain…… and get the lowest
    prices….. and also get paid for each ads you watch on the site…. then
    just log on to mydeals247 dott com….. its a grt site yar… i recharged
    my cell phone will shoping online on this site … you too try….

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