23 thoughts on “♥ ‘Natural’ Products Skincare Routine & Tips – Rachel Talbott ♥

  1. sammayy87 says:

    any recommendations for eczema, contact dermatits, and/or sensitive skin?
    I’ve tried steroid creams, raw honey, tea tree oil, greek yogurt, oatmeal…
    i have given up :(

  2. Jessie Marie says:

    Anyone know of any products that are kinda on the cheaper side? I do use
    Bart’s bees but I am out of a job right now, and the only way I’m making
    money is by that metal to recycle them.

  3. Lillie Fiori says:

    If you want a natural skincare line or makeup use Dr. Hauschka. The line is
    amazing! As well as Lush products!

  4. Rachel Talbott says:

    HEY GUYS!! Thanks a MILLION for watching this video. JUST to clarify, I
    show a variety of routines on my channel for different skin types and
    concerns. I don’t use these products all at once. I have a variety of
    products in my beauty drawer, and I use what I feel my skin needs at the
    time. If for instance you are concerned about Wrinkles, check out ‘My
    Wrinkle Routine,’ which is a video where I share my favorite products and
    DIY’s for that particular skin concern. If you want to try to stick with
    natural products, watch this routine. I personally try to pay attention to
    my own skin and respond accordingly with a facial routine or particular
    product. As ALWAYS, it’s important that you test products on a small area
    of your face, and listen to what your skin is telling you. Always speak
    with a doctor if you have any concerns or questions.. I’m just sharing my
    personal experiences, tips, and tricks I learned while working in the
    beauty industry. These tips and tricks may not work for EVERYONE!! =)
    Thanks for watching!

    love you all =)
    peac & love

  5. Rachel Donnell says:

    My favorite body products are from Shea Moisture. I buy them at Walgreens.
    The Andalou 1000 Roses skin care is pretty awesome for my face. Love this
    video! I need to try the Welada line. 

  6. Jamie Espinosa says:

    I noticed in every video you use different skin care products can you do a
    video where you list all your can’t live without skin care products like
    masks, moisturizer, serum etc…cause you are my queen for skin care and
    body care but I’m a little overwhelmed 

  7. Elizabete Cassiopia says:

    Acure is a great organic, natural, vegan brand. I have tried their
    brightening facial scrub and think it is very similar, and BETTER than the
    famous Kate Somerville one. They also have great hair stuff, and daily
    cleanser. So far these are the 3 things I have tried and I enjoy them a

  8. Agraf831 says:

    I try to keep my body products natural too! The gud shampoos/conditioners
    are really nice (I think it’s a line from burts bees). I also find some
    good stuff on the vitamin shop website! 

  9. Jen Polen says:

    just wanted to throw out that lemon juice is actually pretty bad for your
    skin. ph of lemon is 2, while skins is typical 3-4 may not seem like much
    but its bad google it! Also lavender oils is also an irritant for skin.
    Other than that loved the video! Thanks Rachel

  10. Sarah K says:

    What are your recommendations for sunblock? That looks best and feel under
    Plus where did you get your muscle tank?! I love it!
    Love your videos like always Rachel! XOXO

  11. Loveli Channel says:

    For natural and organic skincare you should check out Acure and Nourish
    Organic! I love their products :)

  12. jml419 says:

    Are we supposed to think this video isn’t sponsored- you you tubers and
    your insincerity KILL ME! As much of a skin care snob as you are(I’ve been
    watching for a while so trust me I know/ la mer lip balm anyone…) I’m
    supposed to believe Weleda and Burts Bees are the only natural skin care
    brands you can come up with! PUH-LEEZE! What about juice beauty/dr
    hauschka/ acure/ LUSH/ suki/ derma e/reviva/ andalou which is AWESOME
    btw… I mean really. Guess they’ll appear in your vids once they sponsor
    you to feature them. :) 

  13. Nabiilah Bun says:

    hi rachel will do a shoe collection wear u actually wear them
    pleaseeeeeeee.. you have amazing taste i just want to get inspired cause am
    a shoe lover as well :) keep the good videos. you are amazing

  14. Rayhan Zraga says:

    I really really really really really really really love you
    And I love your way of taking care of your skin

  15. Jazmine Barnes says:

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  16. The Mommy Archives says:

    I’m very ingredient conscious and use natural products as part of my beauty
    routine. I recently filmed a natural skin care routine, but I’m LOVING
    using raw organic honey as a cleanser! I’ve also found a holy grail toner
    in Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Floral Toner. That stuff is amazing! I’ve
    never been disappointed by any Andalou Naturals product I’ve tried, though.

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