25 thoughts on “♡ Natural Beauty Product Haul! ♡

  1. Alexandrea J. says:

    I LOVE jojoba oil. :) I use it as my moisturizer before I put on my make
    up, it only takes the smallest bit and it works. I really love it! :)
    Thanks for this haul though! I love using natural products (because of it’s
    multi use like you said) so it’s nice to see a natural beauty haul! :)

  2. RedBlondeandBlue says:

    I love using coconut oil as a hair mask! Even though I have oily acne prone
    skin I am obsessed with Josie Maran’s argan oil!!:D

  3. Tisch_Rocksterize says:

    It’s one of my favorite brands nowadays. Liking their Yes To Carrots
    Leave-In Conditioner I recently bought also. It’s really thick but I think
    I like it mostly because it smells like sunscreen, lol. Weird but one of my
    favorite scents. For body wash the Shea Moisture brand is amazing also.
    I’ve never been too impressed with any Burt’s Bees products unfortunately.
    I want to like them so bad but nothing has stood out as too great to me.
    ♥Tisch xx

  4. anna says:

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    I’m not trying to spam, but it is almost impossible for even me to find my
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  5. Desiree Deserrano says:

    Arbonne has products that are botanically based (so formulated using
    plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables). Vegan certified, gluten free, no
    paba, no parabens, no phalates, no mineral oil. The products are truly
    amazing. Makeup, Skincare, Anti-aging, bath and body, holiday line,
    nutrition products, detoxifying products. Theres a 45 day money back
    guarantee if you don’t LOVE the products. I am a consultant, but the only
    reason I signed up is so that I can get the 35% discount on the products :)
    if anyone is interested you can always email me. ddeserra@yahoo.ca or
    facebook page Desiree DeSerrano – Arbonne

  6. Katerina Gaydon says:

    Alyssa I am living in Australia and get lots of stuff from iherb.com, they
    deliver here within one week :-) I have the same Shea butter and clay
    powder! Absolutely love it! Also I have cocoa butter from Now too, it’s a
    great product.
    I’m not sure about jojoba oil tho, too cheap..
    And Lush is not good but well you are right, if you like it just use it.
    It’s better to take little steps to all natural cosmetics than rush & spend
    lots of money in one go. It will take some time for skin to adjust to
    bad-chemical-free products, so yeah, little steps are the way to go :-)

  7. Nicole Webb says:

    have you tired now foods Vitamin C & Manuka Honey or the now food Vitamin C
    & Oryza Sativa. I used now food as well I have the same clay powder and
    Shea butter.

  8. Mirasol Rangel says:

    Nikki you had made a video where you mentioned a makeup brush remover to
    clean your brushes and you had said it smelled like coconut. Can you tell
    me the name of that product. @nikkiphillippi

  9. Venice Rose says:

    your eye shadow is amazing, have you done a tutorial to show it? you look
    amazing xxx thank you for this amazing vid x

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